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Charters for Church Groups -


Summer Activities for Youth Groups:
Church youth enjoy travelling together to;
     Summer Camps - Panama City and Myrtle Beach are some of the popular destinations when
                                youth groups travel to summer camp. Using a charter bus company
                                to get there assures that a professional driver is at the wheel and
                                that his/her only job is to provide safe, comfortable travel.
                                Ventourus is proud to have transported youth and their leaders to
                                Young Life camps for the past fifteen years. 
     Religious Retreats - whether at a regional location, or many miles away,
                                  a bus trip to a remote location allows the group
                                  to focus together and temporarily escape from outside distractions       
     Fun Places such as Kings Island - Holiday World - Cedar Point
     Mission Trips - many groups will travel to places where people need help and the group
                            can make a difference - such as cleanup, painting, fixup etc.                         
     Vacation Getaways like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in Tennessee
     Conventions - Ventourus has worked with church organizations to move large groups
                            to youth conventions in other cities such as Atlanta, Kansas City, Columbus,
                            Indianapolis ,etc.  
Charter bus rental is the safe, convenient way to get there - whether it is a day trip or
  a week long stay.
Group activities start as soon as they board the tour bus.
Leaders can focus on interacting with the youth in their group,
       not being responsible for transportation.
Church Choirs travel to visit other churches or to regional competitions
Members of one church may travel to another church in a different area
to celebrate a new pastor's inauguration, an anniversary or just a
friendly exchange visit. (Usually involves a wonderful church dinner).   
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