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Buses for Business

Companies utilize buses chartered from Ventourus for a variety of purposes.

Facility Visits - Visitors - customers - distributors - suppliers - can be transported from hotels or central meeting sites to a company facility in a comfortable, controlled move that has the added value of social contact among visitors while traveling.

Whether it is a promotional, educational or celebration event, or maybe a big announcement, getting your guests to and from your facility on Ventourus chartered motor coaches is good business.

Corporate Entertainment - a corporate event at the Kentucky Derby Museum or a dinner on the river at Captains Quarters are occasions for safe, professional transportation.

Corporate Responsibility is an important consideration when entertaining. Transporting guests on Ventourus charter buses greatly reduces the dangers of your guests driving when they should not.

Convention Groups - Motorcoach charters from Ventourus can be the answer for visiting convention delegations. Transport your group from hotel to convention site on a shuttle arrangement at various times during the day.

Convention exhibitors often rent a bus for an evening out to dinner as a way to relieve the stress of a rigorous convention schedule. Corporate responsibility strongly suggests supplying professional transportation to convention visitors/exhibitors for an evening out.

Ventourus Buses for Business       a good move.

From management to drivers there is a commitment for your corporate group transportation to work properly and reflect well on your business.
Constant, real time, communication is the key to success-
- between your organizers and Ventourus
- between Ventourus dispatch and drivers
- between Ventourus drivers if multiple buses

Everyone is on the team -

committed to a successful and professional move quickly and flexibly responding to changing conditions and requirements

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